Our Mission

The mission of Delta Bank is to provide high quality financial and investment services to our market areas and to promote economic growth and stability within the communities we serve while earning the highest possible return. This facilitates future bank growth, increases value to our stockholders and maintains a good standard of living for our employees. It is our desire to remain as an independent financial institution. In fulfilling this mission, goals will be pursued which:

  • Offer our stockholders the best possible return on their investment and provide our customers with excellent financial products and services. These quality products will be delivered by friendly, courteous and professional employees. Serving our customers’ financial needs is the most essential element in accomplishing our mission.
  • Select and retain high quality, motivated employees and provide them with a climate in which they feel comfortable and stimulated. By accomplishing outstanding performance, they gain personal growth and achievement.
  • Contribute human resources and leadership to our communities. As a community bank, we are dedicated to helping our communities grow and prosper.