Why Delta Bank?

If I were looking for a new bank, why would I choose Delta Bank?
And if I were a long-time depositor, why would I want to remain one?

We think these are perfectly reasonable questions, and we’d like to suggest some reasons for you to consider banking with us.

  • We are locally owned, managed, and operated. To us, that implies a high degree of responsibility to our depositors, because they’re our neighbors and friends. To you, this means easy accessibility to the people who help you attain your financial goals.
  • We are, and always have been, a highly successful financial institution. In bleak financial times we’ve endured and expanded; in prosperous times we’ve flourished. Not one of our depositors has ever lost a penny of the savings entrusted to us.
  • We are experienced. The banking experience of more than 40 years is at your service when you bank with us — and so are the benefits of responsible innovation. You’ll find few banks as experienced as Delta Bank, and none that will give you better financial counsel.
  • We represent the best of tradition and innovation. We believe that tradition is of little use when it implies mere worship of the past — and we also believe that innovation is pointless if it hasn’t learned the lessons of the time that came before it. At Delta Bank, we combine the prudence and integrity of our grandfather’s time with the innovative vigor of the dawning century — and our policies and practices show it.
  • We are service-oriented. We believe that careful attention to our depositors and their individual needs is sound business policy — but also, quite simply, that it’s the right thing to do. We invite you to experience the gratifying difference this commitment to service can make.
  • We are convenient. We have four facilities in the San Joaquin and Stanislaus County area — and the biggest bank on the planet couldn’t serve you better than that. Every one of our branches is pleasant and inviting, and is staffed with professional people dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.