Consumer Protection

Let’s face it; there are crooks out there after your hard earned money and to destroy your reputation. But there are ways as a consumer to help protect yourself.


You can find the links to these helpful sites on our Helpful Links page.


One simple protection method is to get a copy of your credit report, for free, every year from the government no membership required web site. Check up on your existing credit accounts, and double check that there are not any accounts that you don’t know about.

Another self protection method is to get some good tips of protecting yourself.  The FDIC is running the National Consumer Protection Week 2014 from March 2nd – 8th.  (The week is over, but the information still available and still very helpful.)  No matter your age or stage in life, it’s important to have as much information as possible to effectively manage your money and avoid financial frauds and scams.   The FDIC will post information about a specific topic each day on the agency’s web site, along with links to helpful FDIC Consumer News articles, to encourage discussion and provide tips about what you need to know to save and protect your money.

Find these links on our Helpful Links page, and start making things safer for yourself!