Fraud Protection Services

Watch DogBecause fraud is serious business,
we’re watching out for you.

You may not know it, but you have round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of card fraud. That’s because the cards we issue are protected by FraudWatch® PLUS.  These are real live people watching out for you.

Through an important partner of ours we provide industry leading technology, tools and expertise to manage fraud. Experienced fraud analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and A REAL LIFE LIVE PERSON will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.  There are no automated calls, only real live people.LogoTall

So if you ever get a call from “Fraud Prevention Services,” know that our watchdogs are doing their job and preventing potential fraudulent use of your card.  The live person will identify you using information that we already have, and they will never ask you for all of your personal identifying information like the fraudsters do.

Fraud is serious business, and can hit anytime. That is why we are always on guard to detect and prevent fraud from happening to you.

My transaction has been declined, why?
There are a few reasons why a transaction may be declined, even though you have the funds to cover it.  Because of the rampant fraud today, various checks and fraud scoring calculations are performed on every transaction we receive to help prevent you from becoming a victim.  This is because fraudulent transactions on your account can start in a split-second of the criminals obtaining your information.  On rare occasion, this may catch a valid transaction and stop it from being approved.  In these cases, please try performing the transactions by using your PIN (Personal Identification Number) instead.

I am going to be traveling.  Can I help to ensure that my transactions are not blocked?
Yes you can.  Please let us know ahead of time when and where you will be traveling to, and we can enter that information in to help allow your valid transactions to work.  You will still receive the benefit of having your transactions monitored for possible fraud, since there are criminals everywhere looking to steal your information.

You can learn more on how to protect yourself from fraud by reading our Protecting Yourself From Fraud disclosure.