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What is an SBA Small Business Loan?

The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created by Congress
in 1953 in an effort to stimulate growth in the economy. The SBA
established a loan guaranty program that enables banks to structure
loans with terms and conditions that are more favorable than normal
commercial lending guidelines. By following the program’s guidelines a
bank can receive a loan guaranty from the SBA for a portion of a loan.
In the event of a default coverage is provided by the pool of “guaranty
fees” charged in each loan. The intent of the fee is for no tax payer
dollars to be used for defaults.
With this program Delta Bank can lend up to
$5 million.*

What can an SBA Loan be used for?

SBA Loans can be used for almost any business need, including:

  • Working Capital
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Debt Refinance
  • Business Acquisitions/Expansions
  • Business Start-up
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Commercial Real Estate (purchase or construction)


What is the term of an SBA Loan?

The term of an SBA Loan depends on the use of proceeds. In
general, the term will be greater than a conventional business loan
and it is fully amortized. Loans of less than 15 years don’t have any
prepayment penalties.
• Working Capital/Inventory – Up to 10 years
• Asset Acquisitions – Up to 10-15 years
• Business Debt Refinance – Up to 10 years
• Commercial Real Estate – Up to 25 years
*Subject to change.


Who is eligible for an SBA Loan?

Most small to medium size “for profit” businesses are eligible for SBA
financing. Borrowers must be of good character and be able to
demonstrate repayment ability on the loan. Some residency
restrictions apply.


How do I apply for an SBA Loan?

With the following minimal financial information, Delta Bank can
usually provide preliminary approval of your loan request within 48

  • Business Federal Tax Returns for the past three years
  • Business Financial Statements (less than 90 days old)
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Personal Federal Tax Returns for the last three years

Additional documentation will be required for formal approval and
funding of the loan request.


Why choose Delta Bank?

Delta Bank is a locally owned and operated community bank.
Originally founded as First National of Riverbank in 1973, it became
Delta National Bank in 1975, and then Delta Bank, N.A. in 2007.
As a local community bank with offices in Manteca, Riverbank,
Modesto, and Turlock, we are pleased to provide our communities
and surrounding areas with local service and local decisions for
small and growing businesses through Small Business
Administration loans.


Who should I contact?

Michael Burns
VP/SBA Development Officer
209-572-4485 Office
209-480-3795 Cell
(Click here to contact me)


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