Verified By Visa

A new level of confidence for online shopping

As part of Delta Bank’s security measures to help protect your online debit card usage, we participate in the Verified By Visa program.  Verified By Visa provides a secure experience for online shoppers.  It does this by confirming an online shopper’s identity in real time by requiring an additional password or other data to help ensure that no one but the cardholder can use his or hers Visa card online.

Simple one-time activation

To use Verified by Visa, customers must first register their account and create a Verified by Visa password. This can be accomplished by either CLICKING HERE or by creating a password when prompted during the checkout process.

Once the activation is complete, the customer can shop at any participating online merchant using the card account and password. Each time the customer shops online at a participating merchant, he will be asked to authenticate himself in a Verified by Visa window displayed on the site. Upon successful authentication, the transaction is completed. This additional layer of security, provided by Verified by Visa, can offer peace of mind to your online shopping experience.

To register your card, CLICK HERE