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Your Local Bank

serving your local needs.

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Business DELTA 40 Lending Program

SBA Loans to help your business

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Debit Card Transaction
Protections and Questions

Why was my transaction denied?
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Your Local Bank

serving your local needs.

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Business DELTA 40 Lending Program

SBA Loans to help your business

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Loans available for all types of projects.

New Lending program!
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Deposit Accounts

Checking, Savings, Money Markets, Time Deposits, IRAs, and more

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Protect Yourself From Fraud

How to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud.

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Electronic Banking

Online and Telephone Banking available from anywhere 24/7
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Important Information Regarding Data Breaches

It seems that every week we hear about another company that has experienced a data breach with unauthorized access to customer account information.   Unfortunately, it looks like this trend with data breaches may […]

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Online Bill Pay Update

Announcing an upgrade to your DB Online Bill Payment service.
Delta Bank is upgrading DB Online Bill Payment service to make paying bills better, easier and more convenient than ever, giving you more freedom […]

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» » » Important Alert « « «

Internet and email based fraud continues to increase and is becoming very sophisticated. Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) emails are fraudulent emails designed to look like they are valid communications from banks, regulatory agencies, or other companies in an attempt to deceive you in to providing your private information so that the scammers can access your finances.

Delta Bank, N.A., other banks, and regulatory agencies will NEVER send emails asking for your personal, account, or other financial access information for confirmation, security, verification, or any other purpose. Never respond to any of these emails, do not click on any links provided in them, and do not open any attachments that they may contain. If you receive an email that you are suspicious of, please feel free to contact your branch office to verify its authenticity. You may also forward the email to

You may also report any fraudulent web sites portraying themselves as being part of Delta Bank, N.A. to the email address

You can learn more on how to protect yourself from fraud by reading our Protecting Yourself From Fraud disclosure.

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